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Building surveying and construction

With our team of licensed engineers and architects, we offer project management, construction supervision and technical due diligence services for prospective purchasers, occupiers and developers. We assess risks related to the project financing, follow up and report on individual development projects, until their completion.

Our building surveying and development consultancy services offer the following solutions.

Technical Due Diligence / Defect diagnosis

Our technical due diligence report can be used for a variety of purposes by prospective purchasers, occupiers or investors; for example to understand the need and quantify future costs, to provide a level of security for institutional investors, to establish the suitability of the property for its intended use, to provide a basis for negotiation with vendors or landlord.

Project monitoring (for project financing)

In order to mitigate risks related to project financing for financial institutions or public funds, we monitor the real estate development project in three stages: (i) zero report, at the initial phase of the project, (ii) progress reports, throughout the duration of the development and (iii) we deliver completion report, at the final stage of the project.

Project management and construction supervision

The aim of our project management team is to make sure that every element of the design and construction is closely managed to ensure a successful delivery of the project.

Our team of construction supervisors, covering variety of engineering disciplines, takes reasonable care to protect the investor’s interest and to assure that there are no omissions throughout the construction.

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