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FAQ for buyers, sellers and investors

1. Do I need to be a citizen to buy a property in Montenegro?

No, you won’t need your citizenship to buy a home in Montenegro. The Law on Proprietary and Ownership Rights of Montenegro (13 March 2009) prescribes that foreigners may acquire immovable properties in the country as citizens.

2. Will I need to hire a real estate lawyer? How to find an English speaking lawyer in Montenegro?

No, Adriatic Appraisal provides legal advices for individuals and for companies as well before investing in properties in Montenegro and all of our lawyers are English speaking.

3. Do I have to travel to Montenegro for the closing? Is my attendance at the real estate closing obligatory?

It is absolutely not necessary to take part at the real estate closing. You need to execute a Power of Attorney and with this written document authorizing a trustworthy person to represent you and sign on behalf of you at the closing session.

4. Are real estate investments risky in Montenegro?

Not riskier than any other investments since all investments inherit certain risks. In order to mitigate your risks we highly recommend you to cooperate with a ‘local player’ with international experiences and roots following global professional standards.

5. I have an investment property for sale. How can I get it listed on your site?

Please contact or visit us in our office Bulevar Dzordza Vasingtona 79, Podgorica, Montenegro.

6. How do I get on your investment list and receive brochures about investment opportunities?

Please sign up for newsletter!

7. What do I need to do and know as a first time investor before investing in real estate in Montenegro?

  1. Find a reliable real estate consultancy firm. Adriatic Appraisal is at your disposal.
  2. Keep in touch with the company.
  3. Get your finance in order, be aware of your short term and medium term expenses and income.
  4. Be honest with your agent considering your risk awareness and your financial situation.
  5. Tell your agent your expected yield and always ask a detailed  financial analysis using statistical figures to see ‘black and white’ the numbers, the impact and result of your investment.

8. Can you calculate for investors the expected return on their money?

Yes, our analysts are preparing business analyses as well upon the request of the customers.

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