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Market research

Our searchable real estate market database includes several tens of thousands of records of asking prices and transactions. We can provide access to this database and prepare a wide range of statistical analyses – including price indexation, portfolio valuations and liquidity analysis.

Our descriptive market reports are tailor-made and include regional (country), economic overviews and real estate market segment reviews on selected geographical region or property types as well as market practice reports on selected topics related to the general functioning of the market.

Our services have helped decision making on financing matters, supported investors/developers entering and active in the region as well as used by real estate professionals.

Real Estate Market Database (REMD)

Upon request we provide subscription to our searchable online database on, which contains several tens of thousands records of asking prices and transactions (available in selected countries). In some of the countries in the region, we have the largest available database of real estate prices, collected and updated continuously, which enables us to prepare the indexation of real estate portfolios and provide a statistical overview about the liquidity of the market.

Regional and economic overviews

Incorporate the general features of the selected country or its regions, such as its population, transportation features and main infrastructural projects, and analyse the main drivers and characteristics of its economy, including GDP, public debt, unemployment, inflation rate, trade, FDIs or the tourism sector.

Real estate market segment reports

We provide custom-made descriptive reports on selected segments of the real estate market, by geographic regions and property types, covering their supply, demand, price and investment features.

Market practice reports

They provide an insight on the legal, financial and technical aspects of the market, such as the introduction of the legal aspects of buying and holding properties, typical interest rates, regulatory matters concerning planning and statutory permits and many other topics of choice.

Some of our references in market research

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