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Market research

Adriatic Appraisal provides comprehensive market research and data analysis services for investors, developers, real estate owners, and banks. Our services cover a wide range of segments including in-depth analyses of real estate, tourism and hotel markets.

We provide advanced real estate solutions for property valuations and real estate operations. Our services include developing property price indices and automated valuation models for quick and reliable statistical valuations.

We are actively engaged in aiding the decision-making on financing matters, supporting investors and developers in new or existing projects as well as supporting the work of real estate professionals and banks.

Market reports are tailor-made and include regional and economic overviews as well as in-depth real estate, tourism, hotel and other market analyses on selected geographical regions and property types.

Real Estate Market Database (REMD)

Upon request, we provide access to our real estate platform which contains several hundred thousand data on advertised properties and transactions in SEE/CEE countries. The platform is used for detailed market investigations and a wide range of real estate solutions including mass valuation solutions. In some of the countries in the region, we possess the largest available database of real estate prices, collected and updated continuously.

Regional and economic reports

Our regional reports include economic and social analyses of specific features of the selected country or its regions including analyses of demographic features, transportation sector, macroeconomic and financial indicators, labour market, FDIs or tourism.

Real estate market reports

We provide custom-made reports on selected segments of the real estate market, covering their supply, demand, price and investment features.

Market practice reports

Market practice reports provide an insight into legal, financial and technical aspects of the market, such as the legal aspects of buying properties, typical interest rates, regulatory planning matters, statutory permits and many other topics of choice.

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