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Property Management

Our property management team takes over all technical, financial and legal/administrative duties related to the operation of your property. We work to optimize the day-to-day operation of your investment, by lowering costs to an optimal level and maximizing tenant satisfaction, while ensuring that the properties comply with statutory regulations at all times.

We offer the following services, which we perform in close cooperation and agreement with our Clients:

Technical property management

  • we regularly inspect the property to prevent and call attention to any risks
  • for unexpected events, we provide 24/7 availability
  • selection of service providers for such areas as maintenance and repair, cleaning and security is performed in close cooperation with the client and in line with our structured and transparent procedures, taking advantage of our local market knowledge
  • we then continuously manage the performance of the service providers, ensuring all aspects of the building are fully operational and functional, in line with statutory regulations

Financial property management

  • as a trustee, if required, we manage the financial accounts on behalf of the owner
  • we prepare budget plans and we provide regular reporting on their execution, in terms of expenses and income
  • we manage outgoings such as utility bills, insurance fees and taxes
  • we ensure tenant satisfaction, by controlling and managing the tenancy policy of the tenant
  • we work to optimize the tenancy mix of the property aiming to maximize income produced, while managing vacant spaces and properties carefully

Legal / administrative property management

  • we ensure that all property documents, such as title deed, cadastral and planning documents, are obtained and up-to-date; if required we provide report to state authorities



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