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Real estate valuation

We provide IVS, IFRS and RICS Red Book valuations, as well as court-certified valuations, for loan security and accounting purposes, for legal actions and to support pre-sales decision-making. Our teams of RICS members and local court experts are contracted with most major local banks/financiers and geographically we cover all parts of the countries we operate in.

Performing hundreds of valuations yearly in the region, we have extensive references, covering commercial, residential, development, trade-related and specialised properties. For the best result, we apply our real estate market database, which contains tens of thousands of asking prices and transaction. Our database has been developed and is continuously maintained by our market research team, and utilises ‘on-field’ data obtained locally by our investment and building surveying teams.

Our services are covered by our professional indemnity insurance policy.

Further details

Alongside our standard valuation solutions, we offer the following specialised valuation services:

·      Our regional cooperation with Grant Thornton Valuation LLP, one of world’s leading organizations of financial and advisory firms, further extends our global reach to clients and services. Assignments of multi-million-value properties, upon request are handled in syndication.

·      Our local valuers – utilising our truly on-site network and experience – work jointly with hotel valuers from the UK, and able to perform the most complex valuations of hotels and trade-related properties for competitive fees.

·      Supported by our real estate market research unit and database, we are also capable to perform valuations of large real estate portfolios in a quick and cost-effective way, applying our statistical (AVM) and mass valuation methods developed for these purposes.

·      Upon request we perform valuations of machinery and equipment.

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